Brouwerij De Bie came into being in 1992 in the hop gardens of the Belgian brewing village of Watou near Poperinge and the French border. It used to be one of the smallest artisanal breweries in Flanders.

Zatte Bie, Hellekapelle and Helleketelbier were the first beers from this craft brewery. They were sold in simple plastic bags and could also be sampled in Hellekapelle, the little pub next to the brewery.


In 1998, the brewery was acquired by Jos Tjoen, who modernised it so that it could expand.
It soon became clear that the premises were too small for the planned extension and so, in 2001, he moved Brouwerij De Bie to a larger location in Loker but kept the name: Hellekapelle.
And an entirely new brewery was born, one with an adjoining pub where people could enjoy a good chat with close friends over great beer. At the same time, they opened a beer boutique.


Because of the enormous success of regional craft beers, this location was soon far too small. So, in 2011, Brouwerij De Bie moved to a much larger farmstead in Wakken (Dentergem).
What began as a craft brewery with 3 beers has today grown into a renowned brewery with 10 beers. But it hasn’t lost its artisanal qualities.


Brouwerij De Bie uses only natural products of the finest quality, without chemical additives. The hop, wheat and barley come from the brewery’s own fields around the farm. The draff is used as feed for the Limousin cattle, which are bred in an equally natural way. So it’s a closed circuit where no chemical products are brought into play. Bursting with healthy flavour!

Everyone welcome

Visitors can follow the beer-making process from beginning to end at the fully renovated farm.
You can also sample the 10 unbelievably tasty regional beers, each with its very own taste and unique story. So be sure to come on by.

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