Our filosophy


this is our slogan, our philosophy and our pledge.


Because we want to make real beer. A natural product that is brewed in a genuinely artisanal manner. Because our mission is to make sure everyone truly enjoys it.

How do we make this happen?

We use only natural ingredients with no chemical additives. We use the strictest quality controls to test both our ingredients and our finished products. We make sure our hops, wheat and barley have enough time to ripen in our fields. And the taste of our beer, too, is given plenty of time to develop in our brewing setup. That’s how we produce honestly brewed beer. Beer you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

Honesty lasts longest and tastes best.

In many breweries, it’s the bottom line that drives production. The focus is on quantity. Chemical additives have thus become the norm in this process. But if it’s good quality and honest ingredients you’re looking for, luckily there are also breweries like Brouwerij de Bie. You’ll find only healthy beers at our brewery. Have fun enjoying this beer. Because life is already serious enough.

Taste true brewed beer!

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