Stoute Bie

Stoute Bie

A dark brown beige-headed beer. The taste is rather light sweet.

A traditional beer with high fermentation level, produced in small quantities, using only natural ingredients: hops, yeast, water and roasted malt.

The story

The village rebel was he
a bold spirit was Stoute Bie.

Always up for some fun
and acting cool in the sun.

Then one day, he got collared by the cops
so he raced through the barrels to the hops.

He ran off for good sport,
got cornered in a port,
where the farmer there did cut him short.

To the pub he did escape
where he proceeded to amuse with great japes
and then fled into the night hid by a cape.

So the brewer thought an apt idea had he
to name the beer ‘Stoute Bie’.

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