A light yet fullbodied beer, a healthy thirst quencher with a delicious hop flavour.

A traditional beer with high fermentation level, produced in small quantities, using only natural ingredients: hops, yeast, water and malt.

Rewarded with 3 medals:

london beer competition 2020 world beer competition 2022

The story

There is no Helle,
or even Kapelle,
in Hellekapelle.

Rather it’s a light, spicy beer,
named after the pub of its first little cheer
with the original brewery near.

The brewery lay next to the Helleketel woods
where flew brooms with witches in hoods.

With all that flying a good portion is a life raft
but one day one spilled her draught.

The pubgoers thought the new brew was a whopper
and that's how Hellekapelle came to be a topper.

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