De Bie Vélo

De Bie Vélo

De Bie Vélo’ is a blonde triple. “The beer has a special flavour”, says beer expert Robbie Defraeye. “There is a good sweet-bitter balance. The beer tastes fruity and has a malty aftertaste. The spicy notes of star anise, coriander and sage are the finishing touch. Both men and women will love this beer. It is a very tasty and hearty alcohol in percentage terms, but still has good drinkability. "


Gold award london 2021

The story

The Bie Vélo is a wonderful beau
for all the cycling fans & Co.

Brewed for those for whom quality makes sense
and consider themselves true supporters hence.

From start to finish
this triple does not diminish.

And with the taste of victory abound
healthy enjoyment of amber-coloured blond is sound.

A true elixir of the gods
that belongs with all supporters' squads.

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